Investment Agreement Terms And Conditions

3.2 Syndicate Room Ltd assures and guarantees to the investor that it is authorized and regulated by the FCA with respect to its investment activities (with reference number 613021) and that it has the necessary authorizations in accordance with its authorization to provide the services (or the provision of services by its partners) to the investor. These terms must be read in conjunction with CC`s terms of use and the administrator`s privacy policy and terms and conditions and are valid for your use of the site as an investor, including as a Lead Investor. The use of the cc website depends on your acceptance of these conditions. If you do not agree to these conditions, you should immediately stop using the CC website. 13. Overfunding. If, at the end of the deadline (possibly extended the number of days required to allow the expiry of all 14-day notices), investors have requested to invest at an aggregate level for more than the maximum target amount, investor requests on the basis of «First Come first served» are met. If an investor has a request that is not fully met (because it partially exceeds the maximum target amount), CC will send an email to that investor, essentially under the terms set out in Clause 4.10, inviting the investor to confirm his investment for the portion of his investment that does not exceed the maximum target amount. «Escrow Agent» refers to the administrator when it is mentioned in the management of the client`s money and the pre-closing account. Agent Escrow acts in the investor`s best interest to ensure that funds raised through a fundraiser are processed in accordance with these terms and conditions and the current underwriting agreement. 3. After the implementation of this agreement, you will become members of SyndicateRoom.

In case you invest in securities via the platform, you will also be a customer of SR. SR will inform you of the nature of the customer you are for regulatory purposes. Unless otherwise stated, an individual is treated as a «retail customer» within the meaning of the financial conduct authority (ACF) rules. You can offer self-certification with regard to registration as a member. You must answer all the questions on your own and without the help of another person.