Agreement Pekerja

In any case, if you are admitted to a company, you will receive a letter of employment contract / employment contract. Before signing a contract, read and learn more about your employment contract. In the employment contract, we can find the conditions of employment, rights and obligations for workers and employers/employers, in accordance with the labor law in force in Indonesia, and we can also determine the employment status, whether we are permanent employees or contract employees. What is meant here by agreement is a sense of sincerity or voluntariness between the parties who entered into the agreement. An agreement will not exist or will not be concluded if a contract is concluded on the basis of coercion, fraud or error. And as a rule, an agreement is reached after we have followed the application process of potential workers. Like part-time contracts, letters of agreement for temporary agency workers must contain the time and duration of work. Temporary agency workers in companies usually have different rights as permanent employees, such as for example. B holiday or installation rights. Also include the different rights and obligations of workers to be clearer….