Agency Agreement Oil And Gas

The oil and gas industry operates in countries around the world, in accordance with a number of types of agreements. These agreements can generally be classified into one of four categories (or a combination of categories): risk agreements, concessions, production sharing agreements (PSA, also known as production division contracts, PSCs) and service contracts. The agreement with ADC (Aberdeen Drilling Consultants), which began in September 2015 for the territory of the United Arab Emirates and in June 2016 for Qatar, targets the naval and oil and gas industry with coverage for Rig & Barges Technical Audit, Integrated Control Systems Services, Dynamic Positioning & Marine Surveys, Asset Integrity Assurance for Wells & Drilling, Dropped Objects Surveys & Management System, Safety & Environmental Compliance Surveys, well examination and technical training. Finally, the agreement with Bamor Fountains, which entered into force in June 2016, targets the oil and gas sector in the United Arab Emirates, the Near East and the Caspian region for the supply of gas pumps and traditional tank cleaning. As a result, developments were delayed, postponed or the expected investment was not made immediately. This was clearly against the interests of the host Government. The treaties did not provide for the renunciation of unenplored areas. In addition, traditional concession contracts were awarded to the OIL IOC «in situ» with market and price power. Royalties were fixed or fixed for unit rates and were sometimes set off against income tax. There was no or no small signing bonus and sometimes no income taxation. These conditions have often been «frozen» for the duration of the agreement.

The agreement with CORE-IRM, which entered into force in April 2016, covers the territory of the United Arab Emirates for inspection, repair and maintenance services of oil and gas facilities. Al Masaood Oil & Gas signs service agency contracts with ADC, Core-IRM, Dontal and Bamor Fountains. Traditional concession contracts before 1940 were awarded to large areas, sometimes to the whole country, for example. B Iraq. These grants were long-term (50 to 99 years). The IOC had complete discretion and control to explore and whether or not to develop a particular field. The agreement with Dontal, concluded in June 2016, aims to cover automated oil tank cleaning services on the territory of the United Arab Emirates. Participation agreements: the NOC is «supported» by an International Oil Company (IOC). The NOC weighs on the IOC by not fully compensating the IOC for the risks assumed during exploration or commercial discovery.

The IOC is facing full losses and therefore needs greater success to compensate for this depending on the NOC`s share in the joint venture. . . .