Work Permit Under International Agreement Canada

Maybe. If you work in Canada for one or more years under a valid work permit, you may be eligible for a permanent stay in a Canadian Experience Class or any other category, depending on your professional distribution and language skills. An official from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will issue the fixed-term work permit in Canada upon entry into residence when the skilled foreign worker arrives in Canada. Depending on the foreign worker`s country of nationality, it may also be necessary to obtain a temporary residence visa (TRV) to enter Canada. There are still a few small steps and processes to get a work visa. Under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), professionals have the right to defend workers under the T33 exemption codes. Intra-GATS purchasers are allowed to enter under C12. Public servants are generally aware of various federal-provincial or territorial foreign worker agreements or to broader federal/provincial or territorial immigration agreements. These generally include provisions allowing work permits to be granted without the need for a labour market impact assessment (LMIA). However, these provisions only apply to certain fixed-term working conditions. Before applying for a temporary work visa in Canada, you must, in most cases, qualify for a Labour Market Impact Study (MMA) previously known as the LMO by Service Canada.

A temporary tourist visa is not permitted to work within Canada. In order to work temporarily in Canada, foreign skilled workers must have a temporary offer of employment from a Canadian employer and obtain a temporary foreign work permit issued by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. If you or a family member apply for a public relations card, you can also apply through an Open Work authorization and if you are American or Mexican, you can quickly follow the work visa process through NAFTA. Unless a foreigner is eligible for a Canadian work permit without an LMIA, his or her employer or potential employer must apply to Service Canada for a foreign employment authorization in Canada before being eligible to apply for a Canadian work permit at a Canadian port of entry or visa office abroad. In addition, alternatively, an employer or potential employer may apply for an LMIA to support a foreigner`s application for permanent residence in Canada. Where a foreigner intends to undertake activities in Canada that are considered «work» under Canadian immigration law, they must obtain a Canadian work permit authorizing them to perform such work in Canada (unless one of the few limited exceptions applies). Canada`s Temporary Foreign Worker Program consists of two programs: the temporary foreign worker program includes flows that require an employer to obtain positive confirmation of Employment and Social Development Canada`s (Service Canada) labour impact assessment («LMIA») before a foreigner can apply for a Canadian work permit.