Uw Milwaukee Credit Agreement

• Admission to UW-Madison does not guarantee admission to any particular subject or academic program. Transfer Contract students will have access to majors and individual programs through the same channel as all other UW Madison students. Admission to some programmes is by declaration and admission to other programmes by a competitive application procedure. For some programs, students may be advised to seek an early transfer. Students admitted with minimum qualifications under this agreement may find that there are certain programs and majors for which they are not competitive for admission. Click here to view the agreement. This link is only used to display the agreement. Students must enter into the PAWS agreement to meet this requirement. Please follow these instructions to conclude the agreement successfully. If you register for courses or make changes to your registration through your online account for Online Access Services (PAWS), you are making a financial commitment to UWM. All students must sign the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Educational Services Credit Agreement before enrolling in teaching. The agreement is available in the finance area of your PAWS student center (homepage) and can be signed electronically.

If you have signed a paper copy of the agreement, you must also sign the electronic version before you can enroll in teaching. You must sign the electronic version of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Educational Services Credit Agreement only once, unless the terms of the agreement change. 1. Enroll in your first year on a UW Colleges campus. Students who arrive at UW Colleges with up to 6 previous transfer credits are still eligible for the contract. 4. Complete at least 54 transferable credits within three academic years of enrollment in the Associate of Science Transfer Program and before enrolling in UW-Madison. Students may find that the extra credits do not necessarily advance their bachelor`s degree goals. Where appropriate, students are encouraged to use the credits they earned at UW-Madison at the end of their associate degree. Eligible students can use the agreements we have with a number of partner institutions. . .