United Airlines Alpa Agreement

ALPA represents and supports more than 59,000 pilots with 34 U.S. and Canadian airlines, making it the world`s largest airline pilots` union. This week, negotiations were held in Chicago under the leadership of Patricia Sims, a member of the National Mediation Council. Small groups met to discuss outstanding issues in the following areas of the agreement: The flight instructor section was concluded. Learn more. United said on September 2 that it plans to involuntarily lay off 16,370 people from the end of this month as the long-term effects of the coronavirus crisis continue to wreak havoc on the airline industry. Of these, 2,850 pilots have been warned that their jobs could disappear if state financial aid to airlines, enshrined in the CARES law, expires at the end of September. The company has reached an agreement in principle with ALPA on Article 13: sick leave. Section Proposal last submitted by agreement in principle 1La recognition, extent and security of careerALPA-15.12.2010 2Definitions 3CompensationALPA-15.12.2010 4Addictation, Accommodation and transportEnterprise-5/12/2011 5Hours of ServiceALPA-5/12/2011 6SeniorityEnterprise-3/5/2011 ✓ 7Categration in staffCompany-8/10/2010 ✓ 8. Learn more. United ALPA said the interim deal met its goals of preventing pilot flights by June 2021; offers a second cycle of early separation options for pilots aged 50 and over with at least ten years of experience; limits the flight of express carriers and ensures the triggering of additional salary and contractual changes.

While the modifiable date of the United Pilot Agreement (UPA) was only changed on 31 January 2017, the UPA is an ever-evolving agreement, as the company and ALPA negotiate amendments and adopt common interpretations of its provisions. In 2014 just. Learn more. «Our members have understood that to protect pilot jobs, we need to approve this agreement,» said Todd Insler, president of the United ALPA Master Executive Council, which also sits on the airline`s board of directors. Today, United pilots have ratified a new joint employment contract. United Pilot Agreement. Learn more. The Cares Act provided for a US$50 billion bailout to keep U.S.

airlines afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.