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Qualifying projects of 5,000 square metres or less are automatically placed in a separate queue and checked by the Permitting Express team. ProjectDox, the electronic city plan review application, allows customers to download their drawings and supporting documents for home or office authorization applications. Lillian Scott-Payne, Head of Division lillian.scottpayne@orlando.gov 407.246.3648 Thea Walker, Plan Review Manager thea.walker@orlando.gov 407.246.2679 For more information, contact Historic Preservation Officer at 407.246.3350. Crystal Emeric, Project Manager crystal.emeric@orlando.gov 407.246.2822 Marcia Ross, Customer Service Manager marcia.ross@orlando.gov 407.246.3027 Use our Digital Business Licensing Guide to apply for your business tax receipt. You must pay a fee to operate a business within the city of Orlando. All businesses must confirm or update with the City their information regarding the variables related to the declaration of the business tax by July 15 of each year. Traci M. Elliott, Permit Express Manager traci.elliott@orlando.gov 407.246.2803 Construction and renovation projects require different types of permits. Look at the City of Orlando Authorization Officer who will help you apply for permission. To keep you safe in these uncertain times, we`ve introduced a Customer Care Center option that lets you schedule selected video meetings with our licensing and planning experts. You can use your permission number, address, project name or field ID to check the status of an authorization in our project search tool. Alan Stickle, Inspection Services Manager alan.stickle@orlando.gov 407.246.2806 Get information on the City Planning Council `application application`, by phone from the Planner at 407.246.2269 or the Recording Secretary at 407.246.3365.

. . The City of Orlando`s open data website includes the approval of data, tools and resources that will help you search, design data visualizations and more. Roy Eden, Building Official roy.eden@orlando.gov 407.246.3551 Division of Authorizations for Residential and Commercial Enterprises and Professional Tax Collection.