Lawn Care In Lease Agreement

Our landlord put our lease in the crates, we have to deal with the rake of the leaves in the yard. That is what we did. But now the grass becomes very high and no one cuts the grass. Isn`t it the task of mowing the lawn and making it beautiful? We can`t talk to our landlord because he yells at us and refuses to talk to us about anything, including with us. What can or should we do to address this problem? I`m in California and we`re coming out of a huge drought that only allowed us to water the lawn 3X a week for 15 minutes. Needless to say, the grass has dead spots and the flowers were also quite dead (do you think, now that we are approaching spring… flowers are now coming back to life). In most cases, the owner would hire a professional lawn care service to regularly look after the lawns. In climatic areas where snow is common, snow removal is often taken into account in the maintenance of the farm.

Things are simpler if you have a single-family unit; You can indicate in the rental agreement what the tenant should do. There are no other tenants arguing over the duties he or she receives. Whereas, in a multifamilial unit, you have to decide which family gets what task, since all of them will use the space. Make it clear who will do what, also add that they have to clean up after their pets, and if they don`t, the cleaning fee will be deducted from their deposit. Hello, in my rental contract is the only mention of landscaping/pelouse.» The tenant is responsible for the maintenance of the lawn. I treated the grass to the extent that I did all the weeds, cuts, cuts, etc. The family rental industry has entered a new era. As large companies continue to buy smaller competitors and open new markets, demand for scalable real estate services is at record levels. Companies that manage only 50 properties, are looking for simple and slim processes to stay slim and increase profits. Managing lawn maintenance for portfolios has always been a breeze. Self-service maintenance (the maintenance of lawns is the responsibility of tenants) is an industry standard, but it has proven ineffective.

Regardless of the intentions of the tenants, the maintenance of the lawn is often forgotten or ignored. The challenge of maintaining lawns across the portfolio only becomes more complicated because the industry continues to grow, I own, own and manage a two-bedroom apartment. What did you see in your real estate management experience in coordinating the maintenance of lawns in two apartments, smaller than apartments, but no individual families? If the tenant is responsible for the maintenance of the lawns, how will it be shared and agreed by the tenants if you have 2 units that share the lawn? (I just did it, but I wondered…) I have an option for my tenants. I own and live in half the duplex. This is a large property and requires tenants to maintain either lawns, shrubs and trees. I also want to do that mow, cut and tow grass and leaves of debris at green site (provided). They also have the option to do snow removal (with city peculiarities) regarding the way public walking and access is convenient, or they can pay me to get everything, including any snow removal. They either agree to pay the monthly fee according to a 50/50 breakdown of the estimates, or they do so themselves according to the specifications. I often have non-condition tenants, and that is Mn; Many don`t have snow strawberries, lawnmowers or shovels, so decide to do it by me.