Euronext Membership Agreement

If you are interested in signing a market data licensing agreement with Euronext, please contact us by phone or email at and we will continue to help you. In addition, only applications for membership are accepted for derivatives markets: THE EMDA is Euronext`s main market licensing agreement. Specific agreements apply to trading activities from the following countries up to the Euronext markets: EMDA and EDSA were introduced on 1 September 2017 for new real-time market data customers. In 2018/2019, existing customers will be migrated at different stages to the new market data licensing agreements. If you are still subject to one of Euronext`s old market data licensing agreements, click here for the contractual documents relating to these agreements. However, please note that you are entering EMDA or EDSA as soon as possible. All primary traders must become members of Euronext Dublin. We offer a quick membership process that can be concluded in a short time. Please contact us to discuss your membership requirements. You can find the corresponding forms on Connect, our customer portal. Simply extend your existing membership to another market place or asset class.

To expand your business to a new market place or a new capacity via our customer portal, apply. If you want to obtain, use and/or redistribute real-time and/or deferred market data, you may need to enter into a market data licensing agreement with Euronext. Discover the benefits of membership: access to six European markets through a secure global network with low latency, value-added services and operational support through market monitoring rooms in Amsterdam, Oslo and Paris. After submitting your application and contract forms, you must connect to the market via the Euronext trading platform. Note that Euronext cannot accept or process its application for membership if a non-MiFID company is unable to justify an ongoing MiFID application or exemption application. To become a member, you must complete an application form, submit to a due diligence review and execute an agreement that you comply with all Exchange rules. Euronext`s membership process is simple and simple. The affiliate department coordinates the process until the beginning of the trade.

Please note that if you use deferred market data only for internal (non-commercial) purposes, you are not required to enter into a licensing agreement with Euronext.