Employment Agreement Template Philippines

Failure to comply with this duty of confidentiality must be construed as gross misconduct and should be considered as grounds for termination of one`s employment relationship. Ignacio, I`m going to get a typical form for a regular job and send you as soon as possible. In order to preserve the interest of the company and the confidentiality of its activities and affairs, the employee agrees that he will respect strict confidentiality during the duration of his employment and gradually the effective termination of his employment and that he will not disclose technical, commercial, financial or commercial information, methods, processes, inventions (whether or not they are covered by the protection of intellectual property or not), including, but not limited to, customers. Customer lists or requirements, price lists, price structures, marketing and sales information, business plans or operations, employees or executives, financial information, product lines, research activities, plans, projects and formulas, whether established by employees or by other means. If, for any reason, the worker is separated or dismissed from a job, he or she cannot seek any employment in a foreign company or company operating in the Philippines without prior notice from the employer, or create or create a company offering similar services. We are pleased to inform you that your services are __Designation__ effective — with a monthly ______________________________________P_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The following conditions are the conditions of your work with this company: 5.You agree: that all company records and documents and all information relating to its activities and/or business and those of its customers are absolutely confidential and that unauthorized disclosure or reproduction of these will not be made by you at any time during or after your employment. You accept that any breach of confidentiality will be reason enough to terminate your employment immediately for civil and criminal reasons and/or responsibilities; Unlike other forms of employment, regular employment provides workers with total operational security. I expect that I will have read and fully understood the terms of my employment with the Agency and that I will fully accept the same thing. The labour law is in the Philippines. The Ministry of Labour and Employment also adopts departmental ordinances to implement labour code laws and sets daily minimum wage rates. This agreement sets out all the terms of the agreement. B such as work obligations, salary and benefits, working time, confidentiality and other key conditions for each type of employment, such as: 2. The company also reserves the right to complete your trial period satisfactorily before the expiry of your trial period for any of the just and authorized reasons provided by the applicable law or for your non-compliance with the above standards and requirements.

In this case, you are allowed to collect only your salary until the end of working time on the last day of your actual benefit; 1. You must be suspended for a period of six (6) months beginning on the first day of work with the company. During your testing work, you work with us on the test to determine your fitness for regularization. Your transformation into permanent status is mainly conditional and depends on your satisfactory service and the performance of the work entrusted to you and it is at the discretion of the company, determine whether this service is being provided satisfactorily and that you have been able to meet our established standards of regularization, the following criteria: reliability, reliability, efficiency, initiative, attitude towards work/public/company, cooperation, customer response, judgment, punctuality, quality/quantity of work, education, articulation and professionalism; CONSIDERING that the regulatory EMPLOYEE is looking for a job that is ready