Copyright Agreement Form

1. The holder holds all ownership rights to and from copyrighted and/or copyrighted works described in this Agreement. Copyrighted works are collectively referred to as «work.» All questions about copyright transfer contracts can be emailed to You can use our web return form or contact the editor. Scientific works (scientific works) are protected by international and Russian copyright laws. Scientific work is intellectual property and is the subject of copyright protection. In order to facilitate the interaction between the author and the publisher, please file copyright transfer agreements (in Russian or English) with the manuscript to the editor of the magazine concerned. The copyright transfer contract can be sent as a digital copy of the original (which is preferable) or as a paper copy. The copyright transfer contract should be signed with MS Word or by hand and signed by all authors (co-authors and copyright holders). A copyright transfer contract comes into effect when a manuscript is accepted for publication in English. If, for some reason, your article is rejected by a magazine editor, the agreement loses its strength. The decision to accept a manuscript to be published is the exclusive right of the editor of the journal concerned.

By signing the contract, the authors guarantee that they have become familiar and that they agree with their terms. II. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS. The user is the sole owner of the work and all property rights over and over the work; However, this property does not include copyright ownership over and over property or other property rights that are not expressly granted in this agreement. Magazine editors do not accept manuscripts without a copyright transfer contract. 2. The owner holds all rights to the work and the work and reserves all rights to the work that are not transferred to him and retains all common law copyrights and all federal copyrights that have been or may be granted by the Library of Congress. Signed manuscripts and copyright transfer contracts should be forwarded directly to the journal in which the authors intend to publish their article. You will find contact information on the web pages of some magazines.

In this agreement, the party granting the right to use the licensed property [OWNER] is designated «owner» and the party who obtains the right to use the licensed property [USER] is designated «User.» V. DEFAULTS ON AGREEMENT. If the User does not comply with the obligations under this Agreement, including the obligation to pay a licence fee when it is due, the owner has the option to terminate the contract by notifying the User in writing for 30 days. The user has the option to take corrective action to remedy the failure in order to avoid termination of the agreement if these corrective measures are taken before the expiration of the period covered in the previous sentence. There must be no further defaults during this period or the owner has the option to terminate this contract despite previous corrective action. Pleiades Publishing, Inc. Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. and Allerton Press, Ltd., publisher of English-ed scientific content, informs authors of the following important questions in the preparation of the manuscript: VI. Guarantees.

Neither party gives guarantees that the property will be used, sold or transferred by the other party or by a third party, and the user accepts the «AS IS» product. Under no circumstances will the owner be held responsible for direct, indirect, special, accidental or consequential damage that is in any way related to the property.