Amended And Restated Purchase And Sale Agreement

«Deposit Account Control Agreement» means the deposit Account Control Agreement, which is dated on the closing date between the buyer, the servicer and deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, as amended, supplemented or amended from time to time. The deadline and the cumulative balance of the claims on the contracts acquired by the buyer from November 1, 2018 to November 10, 2019 inclusive may not at any time exceed $[***]. «ECO Warranty» means the ECO Warranty, which dates from the closing date and is provided to the Seller by the ECO Guarantor, as this Contract may be modified, supplemented or modified from time to time and is in force. In addition, the obligation for the seller to sell on the first sale all contracts and related rights awarded to EPOB2-GS is subject to the EPOB2-GS guarantee, duly executed by the guarantor of oebb2 GS, which is satisfactory to the seller, on or before the date of this first sale. (i) Buyer (and its assigns) have all rights and remedies granted to a buyer of intangible payment goods, instruments or securities in accordance with applicable law under this Law. The survival of representations of perfection. (e) after the closing date, no substantial changes have been made to the Seller`s systems, computer programs, related hardware, computer tapes, hard drives and cassettes, procedures and records relating to and for seller`s collection of receivables, which does not make them sufficient and satisfactory to enable buyer to purchase, manage and collect receivables in accordance with the terms and intentions of the Agreement; (f) if a seller delay event has occurred or if ii) a delay has occurred under financing facility documents, the buyer may declare (and if the seller event described in point 7.1 d) has occurred, the buyer is automatically deemed to have declared that a date of termination of the purchase has occurred. .